Laredo Police Chief Speaks Out After Former Investigator Arrested

Laredo Police Chief Speaks Out After Former Investigator Arrested

Chief of police Claudio Treviño says it was disturbing to find out one of his men betrayed the trust placed on him. He adds this does not represent the image of the department.

Former investigator Anthony Carrillo Jr. was arrested after an investigation revealed he took between 2,500 and 30-thousand dollars from an eight-liner raid in January.

“The case was processed swiftly, was processed quickly to identify if there was somebody else also involved in this case, which is not the result that we discovered it was an individual committing these crimes.”

Treviño says this was the only case that Carrillo tampered with. He says an internal investigation is ongoing to find out how the Laredo Police Department could reinforce its investigation proceedings. 

“To look at the processes, look at what we are doing in this application in any case and make sure that the system that we have in place. Which, in this case, worked and revealed the wrongdoings but what can we have done better in the future.”

Treviño said when Carrillo was confronted with the accusations, he submitted his resignation and processed his retirement paperwork. Something Laredo Police has no control over. 

“The retirement system is completely detached from the department, we don’t have any control of any paperwork or any such things.”

An arraignment hearing is scheduled for March 11. Carrillo is facing charges of tampering with evidence and abusing his official capacity. 

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