Suspect Asked Friend To Help Dispose Of Daughter’s Body, Authorities Say

Suspect Asked Friend To Help Dispose Of Daughter’s Body, Authorities Say

More details are released regarding the death of Rebecka Zavala, the two-year-old girl found inside a five-gallon container with acid. According to Laredo Police, the two-year-old’s mother called her friend to help her dispose of her daughter’s body.

Officers say it was Monica Dominguez’s friend who made the 911 call reporting the body. She said days before the body was found, Dominguez called her requesting her assistance. 

“The friend at the time knowing very well that the suspect is always under the influence of some type of narcotic did not think anything of it.”

It wasn’t until the friend was at Dominguez’s apartment that she realized the truth. That’s when she left the place and called 911. Authorities say the friend is not facing any charges in this case. They add the friend thought Dominguez was making up the story due to being under the influence on other occasions.

Rebecka’s body was found on February 14. Her parents Monica Dominguez and Gerardo Zavala Loredo were arrested and are facing charges of tampering with physical evidence and abusing a human corpse. Dominguez is facing additional charges of endangering a child.

Dominguez’s declaration to police states Rebecka was taking a bath with her sister and drowned. She then called Loredo Zavala to help her dispose of the body. Police say the investigation is not over. 

“At this time the investigators are awaiting some tests some results from the toxicology and Dr. Stern to determine the matter of death.”

These results will determine if Rebecka was a victim of abuse. Meanwhile, Dominguez and Zavala Loredo remain behind bars at the Webb County Jail. 

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