Family Refuses To Sign Property Away For Border Wall

Family Refuses To Sign Property Away For Border Wall

“It won’t be the same as it is right now where we can easily look at our animals.”

The Cavazos family has owned the 27 acres of land since 1954.

“It’s really hard.”

For this family, it’s not simply any property, it’s what they call, a sacred place for their memories.

The Cavazos family rents their property to 30 different individuals, but they fear they won’t receive this income anymore if the wall becomes their daily view.

“All your renters are not going to want to stay here, it will be hard for them to get in.”

The family received a letter from the federal government, it was for immediate possession of their land. The government offered to pay two dollars and 50 cents to every stakeholder, according to the legal group representing the family.

It’s almost 35 thousand dollars that the Cavazos family makes from people renting their property every year. If the border wall is constructed, where they say it will be, then this income will be put at risk.

In a Facebook statement made by the Texas Civil Rights Project, the legal team says, “the government should not seize property without consulting with all people involved nor for an unreasonable price.”

The legal battle will continue for this family and for now, its a matter of waiting. They say they will show up in court on February 12.

“We don’t care about the money we just think it’s very inhumane to have a wall.”

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