Laredo Officials Prepare For Annual “Paisano” Rest Stop

Laredo Officials Prepare For Annual “Paisano” Rest Stop

For 20 years, the city of Laredo has hosted the “Paisano” Rest Stop. This year, it will be in operation for 62 hours instead of the traditional 48.

It will be located at the mile marker 13 on Interstate 35 beginning December 20 at six in the afternoon. The rest stop is a way to assist Mexican citizens who are returning home.

“To offer them any information they may need. Even information from the weather, information on new customs rules and questions they may have on what they are able to cross and bring back.”

Mexican authorities will be available with computer workstations for travelers to process their documentation electronically. Starting the new year, Customs and Border Protection will be implementing new measures to facilitate traffic.

“We have the designated lane for local traffic that doesn’t require any kind of benefits such as a tourist permit and the satellite area to facilitate the processing of the I-99 permits at the outlet shops of Laredo.”

The ready lane will be available for community members that have their proper paperwork on hand. With the deployment of hundreds of CBP officers to California, officials say this won’t affect their work duties. They say they have adjusted work personnel to the area they are needed the most, this meaning the passenger operations area on both international bridges.

And with heavy traffic expected this season, the Laredo Police Department reminds the community to drive carefully and have patience.

“Avoid 35 at all costs. If possible, try to use alternate routes like San Bernardo, San Dario, Santa Ursula, to alleviate congestion on 35 and make it more accessible for them to travel to other destinations.”

The “Paisano” Rest Stop will be available until December 23rd. For more information, call 800-361-3360.

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