District Attorney To Seek Death Penalty In Case Of Former Agent Labeled A Serial Killer

District Attorney To Seek Death Penalty In Case Of Former Agent Labeled A Serial Killer

Webb County District Attorney Isidro Alanís says Juan David Ortiz, the labeled serial killer, is facing the death penalty if found guilty.

It took 20 minutes for a grand jury to decide if Ortiz would face a capital murder charge. Since early this morning, family members waited to hear the outcome
After hearing the news, this was their response.

“We were I think we had mixed emotions. We want closure for our family we were scared we were anxious.”

“We feel in our hearts that justice will prevail for our families. We hope the times come sooner so we can have that piece of mind in our hearts that he will pay for what he has done.”

“But I mean at the end of the day me and my family, we leave it in God’s hands. Let’s just pray we get justice for my brother and the other victims.”

Ortiz is accused of murdering four people in the month of September. He was arrested when a fifth woman escaped.

Initially, it was said the women were killed execution-style with his government-issued handgun. But now, officials say one of the victims, Guiselda Hernandez was killed after she was struck with an object in the head and then shot in the neck.

When asked for a motive, this was Alaniz’s response.

“In Ortiz’s own mind, he believed that he was doing a service. He felt that because there were people in the streets carrying these activities nothing was being done by law enforcement. He deemed them to be the scum of the earth and he wanted to move forward and clean the streets of this type of people. That was his mentality, that was his motive.”

The district attorney says it may take up to two years for the case to head to court.

The former agent remains behind bars at the Webb County Jail with a bond set at 2.5 million dollars.

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