Project Pink: Survivor Shares Story On Battle With Breast Cancer, Part Two

Project Pink: Survivor Shares Story On Battle With Breast Cancer, Part Two

It has been five years since Diana Gutierrez overcame breast cancer. She says she uses her victory as a way to bring a positive light to something that many would see as negative.

Gutierrez says the cancer effects on her body are a sign of growth.

“I have a lot of marks on my body of where cancer tried to take me out but those marks remind me that I survived and I overcame and that the message I want to leave. It has made me a tougher person when it comes to facing challenges, I’m not scared to face them. But at that same time, I think I’m a lot softer because of it.”

Diana adds that she doesn’t want to be known as a survivor but as an overcomer. She is now using her voice to help other women going through the same situation.

“Those going through cancer, we’re so much more than a body. We’re so much more than hair and we put so much value on the outside and when we meet challenges like these, it exposes things in your heart that you never knew were there.

This overcomer still uses a breast check kit and encourages all women to do a yearly check-up.

“Make sure you’re checking yourself. That you’re doing those checks and many times we’re told to do it one way and it’s so important that they take responsibility and check all over the breast area. Early detection saves a life just like it did mine.”

For women who are battling breast cancer, Diana has a message for you.

“Fear is the biggest battle that they will have to fight because it’s a fear of losing your life, it’s a fear of the unknown, of what life would be like post-cancer but life is beautiful post-cancer.”

Today Diana Gutierrez is more than a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother, she’s an overcomer.


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