Strong Winds Damage Woman’s Home, Hidalgo County Officials Help Out

Strong Winds Damage Woman’s Home, Hidalgo County Officials Help Out

An Edinburg woman’s home suffered damages due to weather conditions. Her living room is now exposed after strong winds blew part of her roof away.

Still affected and in tears, Oralia Morales shows us what is left of her home. Everything happened Monday afternoon when the weather changed.

She says her neighbors quickly showed up to rescue her and help her save some of her personal belongings.

After finding out Morales was left without a place to stay to protect herself from the cold weather, we reached out to Hidalgo County officials to ask for help.

Minutes later, the service agency director Jaime Longoria arrived to evaluate the damages. After that, one of his employees showed up to begin the documentation process.

“One way of helping the family is getting the electric bill out of their mind. Secondly, we also have some funding for some of the household items that may have been damaged it can be either clothing, it can be medication, it could be food. Unfortunately our funding doesn’t allow us to buy brick and motor or two by fours or sheetrock but certainly, we will do everything we can to work with our partners, to identify those agencies to provide some kind of assistance.”

Longoria adds that he and his workers will do their best to assist her as fast as possible.

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