Community Speaks Out After Bond Reduction Hearing Is Scheduled For “Serial Killer”

Community Speaks Out After Bond Reduction Hearing Is Scheduled For “Serial Killer”

Tomorrow, Juan David Ortiz the labeled “serial killer” will be in court for a bond reduction hearing. He states he is living in intolerable conditions.

Ortiz is being held at the Webb County Jail on a 2.5 million dollar bond. Court documents state Ortiz’s bond is excessive and beyond his financial means. They also state his confinement is illegal because of the cruel and unusual punishment he is being subjected to.

The sister of one of the victims says he should not be complaining. Adding that he at least has a chance to speak to his family.

“I’m very disgusted that he shows no remorse. He is just thinking about how he is being treated in there, that it is inhumane. What he did to my sister and the other three women is inhumane. He didn’t have that right to do that so I don’t think he has a right to voice that he is not living properly in the jail.”

An affidavit states Ortiz has been held in a padded cell from September 15 to the 25 under suicidal watch even though he has made no attempts. He says he is nude and only wears a green velcro vest. When he is fed, he isn’t given utensils and doesn’t get a towel when he takes a shower. Adding that his wife attempted to take him his reading glasses, but the jail refused to give them to him.

Laredoans tell Fox News cameras what they think about Ortiz’s request.

“That he even has a bond at all if they have enough evidence to lock him up, he shouldn’t have a bond until his trial other than that it’s ridiculous.”

“Mr. Ortiz, why would he want his bond reduced so he can go out and do it again? I don’t think it should be reduced. Anything that keeps him locked up that’s fine if a half of a million dollars will do it I don’t know a bondsman that will take him because he’s a flight risk I would think.”

We spoke with a local attorney who states if Ortiz’s request is denied, there are other options.

“Let’s say he lowers it 100 thousand dollars on each count he can always appeal to them to the court of appeals and say this is an excessive bond. From the court of appeals, they can go to the supreme court.”

The hearing will take place tomorrow at the 111 district court at 10:30 in the morning. We will keep you updated with the latest details.

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