Seven-Year Fugitive Sentenced For Murder And Aggravated Assault

Seven-Year Fugitive Sentenced For Murder And Aggravated Assault

After seven years, family members of Alberto Garcia say they received justice. This, after Victor Manuel Palomo was sentenced for his 2009 murder.

During court, Palomo asked if he could say some words to Alberto Garcia’s family members, a request that was denied.

In a quiet tone, the accused said he was sorry and that it was never his intention to hurt anyone. When asked if he had any other words, he said he had no money to hire a lawyer.

He was sentenced to 99 years for the murder of Garcia, plus 20 years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In 2011, Palomo fled from authorities during his third day of trial. After remaining seven years at large, he was captured Thursday in Nuevo Laredo.

In court, Palomo’s family members were present. The victim’s brother had a few words to say to them.

“You guys will have the opportunity to see your friend, to see your brother in jail. I will never see my brother again, never.”

Edgar Garcia says their lives completely changed when they heard the news of their loved one.

“My parents are not the same you know they might be happy half a day, half they are sad because they have the memory of my little brother that he’s not here anymore. He hasn’t been here for years. My life changed a lot as well. He was my little brother, he was always nice to me.”

Garcia described his brother as humble and caring, adding that in two weeks it would be Alberto’s 29th  birthday.

The District Attorney’s Office also says justice has been served.

“This is a big day. It’s a big day for law enforcement and I’m very happy for theirhe Run  family because like his brother was saying they could finally celebrate Alberto’s birthday and they could finally be at peace that their son’s killer is behind bars.”

Alaniz says Palomo could face additional charges for fleeing authorities.

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