23-Year-Old Arrested In Connection To Murder Of UISD Teacher

23-Year-Old Arrested In Connection To Murder Of UISD Teacher

Laredo, Texas– In less than 24 hours, Laredo Police arrested a 23-year-old man in connection to the homicide of a United ISD middle school teacher.

Jorge Rodriguez was arrested at his home in South Laredo and is facing a murder charge. Investigator Joe Baeza tells Fox News how detectives managed to make this arrest.

“The victim and the suspect did know each other in this case obviously we won’t go into any great detail on how they knew each other because its part of the investigation, but at this moment we have good strong evidence linking the suspect in this case.”

We asked police if there were any signs of forced entry but could not disclose those details as part of the ongoing investigation. Rodriguez is accused of murdering 49-year-old Rolando Ramos whose body was found in his residence Tuesday. Police say the victim’s body had multiple stab wounds.

“We can be sure of the fact that the weapon used in this case was some sort of sharp weapon, sharp-edged weapon they recovered several pieces that fall into that same category but for now until they sent it out to forensics there’s a lot of stuff that will be sent to forensics and research labs.”

Authorities say Rodriguez was interviewed but later asked for an attorney to be present.

We will bring you details as they are made available.

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