Icy Road Driving Tips

Icy Road Driving Tips

Knowing exactly what to do with your vehicle during this weather is important to know for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Before heading out on to those icy roads there are tips you may want to take into consideration.

Black ice is a thin layer of ice on roads that may resemble ice, which can confuse a driver on the road.

When on the road always watch out for black ice. Cris Auto Service also gave us some tips for when you see ice on your vehicle.

They say this is the easiest way to help melt the ice right off the windshield, he says this is a better tactic than going out in freezing temperature and having to spray water on your car. He also explains why having anti-freeze is so important

They tell us that when you’re getting your vehicle checked to make sure the auto shop checks your vehicle top to bottom to help prevent any damage to your car.


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