Have you seen this person? McAllen Police Search for Burglary Suspect

Have you seen this person? McAllen Police Search for Burglary Suspect

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A burglary suspect at a vehicle is caught on camera and now McAllen police are looking for him that’s right Jasmine Leonardo biggest spoke to authorities and the alleged victim who are asking others to be on the lookout

Residents in North McAllen neighborhood urging their neighbors to take precaution to prevent crime. This after a homeowner claims a suspect broke into his vehicle. It was all caught on camera.

“Checking cars that were unlocked and taken whatever he could. He allegedly stole a bike. We got him on camera checking the cars all the way up the street. The neighbor said he got into their Camaro and then later we have him on camera with a bike.”

Kids as the alleged Thief took off with nearly $1,000 worth of property, adding that he is not the only one in this area claiming to be missing several items. In the video, the suspect can be seen looking into the SUV. He opens the door, makes his way inside and then exits; making use of his cell phone’s flashlight to search the back part of the vehicle. But it doesn’t stop there

“Initially, I didn’t think he took anything so I just kind of scoffed it off, like no big deal. He was looking for cash and we don’t keep cash in the car. Then I found out he did get some stuff, so I’m pretty pissed off and feel violated”

McAllen Police Department says will continue to investigate the burglary which occurred in the 1600 block of West Lark Avenue on Saturday morning.

If you recognize the person on the video contact the McAllen Crime Stoppers at 956-687-8477.

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