Cornyn Pushes for Stricter Immigration Measures

Cornyn Pushes for Stricter Immigration Measures

TEXAS (KFXV) — We begin tonight with U.S. Senator, John Cornyn and two bills in the works that advocacy groups believe target immigrants.


Immigration remains at the forefront with the approval of recent laws and new proposals focused on boosting deportations and keeping immigrants out of the U.S.


After Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of Senate Bill Four into law on May 7th, another proposed law is sparking controversy; Senate Bill 1018– which would license immigrant family detention centers as child care facilities.


The bill is now advancing to the Texas House of Representatives. But while its future is still being debated, U.S. Senator John Cornyn along with a Texas State Representative are working on another bill that is currently being drafted that would force parents of undocumented teenagers to wear electronic ankle monitors as future-proof that their children will not miss their deportation hearings.


The bill which is currently being worked on also mentions the increase of detention space and more immigration judges to speed up deportations.

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