Gov. Abbott Addresses Controversial SB4 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill

Gov. Abbott Addresses Controversial SB4 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Bill

Texas (KFXV) — Governor Greg Abbott send a message to Hispanics more than a week after signing senate bill for into law.
He says the Sanctuary Cities ban won’t hurt those who stay out of trouble.

Governor Abbott says the community has nothing to fear about SB4 – denying rumors that the measure would subject hispanics to racial profiling.

Following the signing of Senate Bill 4 earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbott says the law does not imply people will get pulled over and detained.

Abbott shut down concerns that SB4 amounts to ‘show-me-your-papers’ type legislation that will allow police to ask a person’s immigration status.

The governor signed SB4 into law during a rare Facebook Live appearance. SB 4 will ban Sanctuary Cities in Texas requiring local government and law enforcement to follow all federal immigration laws and detainer requests.

SB4 will go into effect September the first. Anyone who does not comply with the new law could face charges.

Since Abbott’s signing of SB4, a growing list of counties and cities are filing lawsuits against the bill, citing the bill attacks the immigrant community.

Yesterday, El Paso County, and today the city of El Paso, agreed to join other cities and counties already suing the state ahead of SB4’s implementation.
The city of El Cenizo, and Maverick County have filed lawsuits as well.
Those who disagree with the law – that is set to go into play September 1st – say it’s racist, and unjust.

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