Caravan Against Fear’ Stops in the Rio Grande Valley

Caravan Against Fear’ Stops in the Rio Grande Valley

Today, a caravan of pro-immigration activists stopped in Alamo as they make their way across the country to combat fear among immigrants, because of the president’s administration.
More than 60 activists were met by local community organizations and religious entities and gathered to speak out against the president’s deportations and rhetoric.

“I see that Trump and his administration is trying to put us back into a deeper recession and take us back to criminalization people and slavery, that’s what it is. We need to move forward, instead of having the 30% here, the 50% here, the 30% over there. If we put our percentages together and become one, then we can become the 99% which can face the government which is only 1%.” – Coana Anderson

The Caravan will make their way to Laredo later tonight then to El Paso and eventually on to San Diego.

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