TxDOT Launches “Talk, Text, Crash” Campaign

TxDOT Launches “Talk, Text, Crash” Campaign

Last year there were more than a hundred thousand distracted driving related crashes in Texas.

The campaign it’s called Talk Text crash. It reminds drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

“1 in 5 incidents happen to be because of a distracted driver. These are incidents that are 100% preventable.” – Octavio Saenz

As part of national distracted driving Awareness Month, the Texas Department of Transportation launched its annual talk text crash campaign to remind drivers to stay focused on the road. In 2016 there were nearly 100,000 distracted driving crashes in Texas, up 3% over the previous year. Distracted driving related crashes are highest among drivers ages 16 to 34.

“They are also the most engaged in social media. 8% of individuals on social media have said that once in a while, they’re driving while looking at their Facebook, twitter, or Instagram and that’s dangerous.” – Octavio Saenz

While cell phone use is the most common distraction, TxDOT asks drivers to avoid high risk behind the wheel activities.

“Put that phone on airplane mode, or put it in the glove compartment. Do not even look at it. There’s nothing, no text, no call that is worth a life.”- Octavio Saenz

TxDOT wants to remind you that a text or call can wait. Don’t let anything distract you from driving safely.

You can learn more about the distracted driving campaign here.

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