Police were able to locate a fugitive who’s been on the run since 2015. Local, state and federal agents arrested two people in a drug-related investigation, in the city of Alamo, this afternoon.
“We did locate a large amount of cocaine, a large amount of marijuana; which we are processing right now at this crime scene. This area has been our target investigation for the past three weeks.”
Several others were also taken in for questioning. Homeowner Rosalinda Ortiz, tells us she was unaware that her home was being used for drug-trafficking purposes.
This same home was also raided in February 2017. Police confirm the fugitive arrested today has been identified as a gang member.
“They use renter’s homes, stash houses to deal traffic and narcotics out of them. It’s a lot easier than doing it out of the home they actually own.”
DEA, Homeland Security Investigations, US Marshals and DPS, also assisted in this investigation.
A minor was at the home at the time of the raid, police were not able to provide details as to why she was there and if anyone will be facing charges for child endangerment.

Authorities have not released the identity of those facing drug-related charges. We’ll continue to keep you updated as new details develop.