It’s been less than 24 hours since the death of 19-year old David Gobellan. According to witnesses, it took about 40 mins for first responders to arrive at the scene.
The accident happened Thursday, September 6 around 8 pm on mile 2 in Mercedes.  Julieann Moore lives right in front of where the incident took place. She tells us her son heard a very loud bang, when he checked to see what the noise was, he saw Gobellan.
“He heard a big bang like two cars had crashed the kid had flown over to our side of the street. It had kicked his shoes off and the kid laid there unconsciously.”
Moore immediately called Mercedes police to get some assistance to the scene. However, they assure us their call was not attended and they were transferred to three other agencies.
“After that, we called the PD of Mercedes and Mercedes sent us to Weslaco, Weslaco sent us to Edinburg, Edinburg sent us to the DPS. Nobody wanted to come out here they said it was out of their jurisdiction.”
Another witness, Timothy Thornell tells us if emergency teams have gotten there sooner, Gobellan could’ve probably been saved.
“They took about 40 mins to get here, the ambulance did and the kid was laying on conscious and he was bleeding I told everybody not to touch him.”

The Gobellan family is in need of monetary donations to pay for medical and funeral expenses.

If you would like to donate you can visit gofundme and search under “Donations for David