Laredo Police say a 17-year-old lied and said he was assaulted.

Officers responded to a stabbing call at the 3300 block of Juarez Avenue. At the scene, police met with Angel de Jesus Ramirez.

“Who stated to the first officer on the scene who was walking home from his girlfriend’s house when he was jumped by several sus[ects by a pedestrian bridge across from Zacate Creek on Ash Area. From there, he was able to walk home where he ended up calling 911 for assistance.”

Ramirez was taken to a hospital to be treated for his injuries. There, police say his story changed. In his new version, Ramirez said he was attacked by the 100 block of Eistetter Street.

During the investigation, Laredo Police connected a burglary report at the 3100 block of Santa Maria Avenue to Ramirez.

“The initial investigation on that incident indicated that there was potentially some blood located at the crime scene of the potential suspect or suspects that may have entered the building. The blood at the scene and the injuries consisted with Angel were somehow consistent with the person who had entered the building.”

Police say Ramirez confessed to being the person who attempted to enter the building. Adding that he was never assaulted.

Ramirez remains at the Webb County Jail with a bond set at one thousand dollars. Authorities remind the community to not make false police reports because they have other urgent calls to attend.