Laredo Police say a  17-year-old mother was trying to talk to a man when she left her baby behind.

The incident was reported at the 4900 block of San Felipe Street. At the scene, officers found Jocelyn Marie Ancira trying to break in.

“However, the known person did not want to speak to Jocelyn so she decided to break the window to the residence to gain entry. Now when all of this was going on Jocelyn did indeed leave her 11-month-old child inside the vehicle.”

Authorities say the engine was turned off and the windows rolled up. Ancira now faces charges of abandoning and endangering a child with intent to return. Family members arrived at the scene to take the child home with them.

Laredo police don’t know the relationship between the man and Ancira, only that they were known to each other.

Although this case is different, officers say they have seen parents leave their child unattended and are reminding the community to never do this.

“No matter how quick you think your errand may be, how quick you may be in and out of the store or running whatever errands you may have, it’s not worth leaving your child inside the vehicle. While we do have colder temperatures around this time of year, you still don’t know what can happen if you leave your child inside the vehicle.”

Ancira is out on bond from the Webb County Jail. The child was not hurt in this case.