Laredo, Texas — 16-year-old Issac Ramos Jr. was fatally struck by a pickup truck over the weekend.

“It does seem like it was an accident. They were actually in route to go pick him up.”

On Saturday, May 18 around 3 am, authorities responded to a call regarding an accident on the intersection of us Highway 83 and J M Alvarez Street.

“Upon arrival, our officers discovered the body of a 16-year-old that was a victim in the accident.”

The Río Grande City assistant chief of police tells Fox News the driver of a white pickup truck accidentally hit Ramos Jr.

“Everyone involved in this were actually friends so at the time of the accident it was a traumatic event for them.”

In an audio recording that has been circulating through social media, you can hear one of the people allegedly involved telling someone about the incident.

“We got down and the brother took out a knife at us and said ‘don’t get down, get in your truck’ so I told Jesse ‘go, they are going to kill us’ and we left. So then Issac calls us, ‘hey come back, I’m over here running.’ When we made a u-turn and when we were turning to the middle lane, Isaac was standing in the middle of the street and we struck him, we killed him, we killed him, Jesse killed him, he hit him.”

“We are actually in the process of interviewing the people involved to try to figure out what happened.”

He adds the driver is cooperating with officials and that there were no signs of drugs or alcohol involved.

According to authorities, this incident remains under investigation and no one is facing charges at this time.